Why We Do It

Our intention is to produce the best quality nutrient-dense food for our customers, families, and ourselves. We do this by mimicking the systems found in nature. There are no monocultures in nature, therefore, we do not farm utilizing traditional practices.

We are seeing a large annual increase in the number of people who really care about the quality of the food they consume. These increasing numbers of consumers are using their purchasing power to positively change agricultural practices, because we all want better food. Utilizing impressive technological advances in animal husbandry, fencing technology, geospatial mapping, renewable energy, moisture capture, irrigation tapes, and disease recognition of the last 80 years along with regenerative practices utilized prior to the industrial revolution, we are poised to regenerate our soil and water while sequestering carbon.

We not only utilize these important concepts on our farm, we teach them here, and we invite our customers to visit and see for themselves. After witnessing how we raise our animals and produce, we are sure you will support not only us, but the other local producers in your area. Many people have forgotten that during World War II, Victory gardens fed our entire country while industrialized food went to feed our brave soldiers. Today, using proven farming techniques combined with exciting new technologies, local producers can feed our country good, nutritious food, and help train the rest of the world to better feed themselves.

Next Steps…

If you would like to purchase our products or schedule a farm visit to get a first-hand look at how regenerative agriculture works, please click the link and send us a message.