Sometimes You Just Need a Win

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Life is hard. So is farming. There are so many things that are out of your control. If you’re not careful you can get buried in the difficulty and hardship and struggles and it becomes a testament of your will to see the light in the darkness. I frequently question my ability to do this thing called farming. What was I thinking?? Some days I can barely keep myself alive much less other living beings.

When we first moved to the farm and were getting bogged down in everything that needed to be done and feeling like we were not making any progress and this dream was beginning to look more like a nightmare, we decided that we needed to focus on the wins. So every day we sit down and ask “What was your win for the day?”. I’ll be honest – some days my only win is that I didn’t punch someone in the face – but it’s still a win.

The reality is that this world is getting harder and harder to comprehend and navigate. We have to focus on the wins, lest we find ourselves in the abyss unable to see a way out.

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