Grass Fed Beef

At Mesquite Field Farm we believe that you are what you eat. As a result, we strive to produce food that is nutritious and delicious. Our cattle are managed via high-intensity rotational grazing, providing them with fresh pasture every time they are moved. Our cows are never given growth hormones and we strive to give them the best life possible.

Pastured Poultry and Turkey

Pastured poultry is a sustainable agriculture technique that follows the idea that birds should not be kept in confinement cages. Poultry is kept outdoors in chicken tractors and given access to fresh pasture and bugs every day. This serves two purposes – additional nutrition for the birds and also fertilizer spreading and insect control for the cattle.


Our main goal on our farm is to steward the land to the best of our abilities and to leave it better than we left it. To that end, we do not use chemicals on our farm to produce our food unless it is absolutely necessary. We’ve read the organic certification requirements and we exceed them. We utilize compost teas and natural concoctions to fertilize our gardens to help produce nutritious food your family and ours.

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