Our Approach

It is our intention to leave this place better than we found it. It is our belief that regenerative agriculture is the best method we have to do this by requiring that we work with the cycles already present in nature, and improving the microbiome to improve the soil.

Our Story

We really wanted to know where our food came from and what it contained. We purchased this land 12 years ago and began working our soil with large ruminant animals and small flocks of fowl to improve the land, increase soil microbiology, and reduce insect populations. Our hard work is rewarding us, and our customers, with healthy meat and vegetables.

Meet the Team

We are constantly working to improve our processes on the farm. Many farms, regardless of size, have multiple employees working to get things done. It is our belief that we should be able to do this by ourselves. As we grow we will certainly increase our staff, however, our intention is to do this ourselves as long as we are able.

Melissa Havemann


Melissa, with a business management degree and over 15 years of marketing experience is the business operations manager. She has also attended culinary classes with the Culinary Institute of America and has extensively studied the growing local, sustainable, Real Food movement through workshops and online courses, as well as community involvement with local buying clubs. This extensive experience gives Melissa a unique perspective into the requirements of discerning consumers. She completed the Holistic Management International Beginning Women Farmer’s and Rancher’s Program, and is passionate about regenerative agriculture, cooking and maybe one day actually learning how to garden.

Doug Havemann


Doug’s true love is his current role as a regenerative farmer and rancher.  As a reformed technologist, Doug is actively engaged in teaching regenerative agriculture to US military veterans transitioning to civilian life at Mesquite Field Farm, one of only two mentor farms in the Battleground to Breaking Ground program. Additionally, Doug works closely with the USDA/NRCS to promote conservation, and with legislators in Austin, Texas and Washington, DC, through the Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance, to promote common-sense legislation supporting regenerative agriculture.

Next Steps…

If you would like to purchase any of our products or if you would like to discuss regenerative agriculture please reach out to us.